Computer training on PC in English   (Praha 10)  
  Webpage creation, Scanning, Video editing  
  English - Czech translations  
  Teaching Czech to foreigners  
  Advice, Consultancy, Help  
  Installation, Configuration of system + software

Beginners - advanced. Individuals, groups. Morning - evening. I explain everything in a very detail. I am an electrical engineer. I can speak English well. I have long practice. Training in English or Czech languages for foreigners. Program, everything and anything special by agreement.


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* Computer training on Linux (Debian, Devuan, Ubuntu, AV Linux, Slax, Slackware, SuSE, RedHat, Knoppix,...).
   Moving from Windows to Linux, file and data transfer. Software installation, setup - configuration.
   OpenOffice and other Linux software.
* Training on antivirus, firewall, antispyware, burning CD/DVD, printing, backup, system maintenance,...
* Training on information searching: WWW search engines, Internet catalogues, discussion forums,
   USENET, knowledgebases, RSS and News readers,...
* Training on basic programming: Pascal, Basic, Fortran, C-language, assembler, machine code.
* Training on graphics and CAD: MicroStation, AutoCAD, LibreCAD, QCAD, FreeCAD,...
* Help with a PC or notebook and compatible hardware purchase for Linux or Windows.
* Installation and configuration of operating system, antivirus, firewall, antispyware,...
* System security.
* Computer (harddisk) recovery.
* Basics of working with audio and video at home, recording, MP3, OGG,... in Windows or in Linux.

Computer training on a PC in English

Computer training on a PC on all basic tasks - Windows, Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Internet, email, file manager, graphics, photos, audio, video, antivirus, firewall, antispyware,... Beginners - Advanced. Individuals or groups. I explain everything in a very detail. Anything special by agreement. I can give you advice on a PC or notebook purchase. Consultancy, direct help. Personal approach. Freeware. Instalations, configurations, system maintenance, security, backups. I have PCs for training.
Web-page creation, custom-made

Web-page creation and building, custom-tailored, smaller amount of data, scanning and photo editing, putting on a server on the Internet, registrations in catalogues and search engines. I can provide necessary graphics for free. Further training for easy self-maintenance of the web-pages. I also do scanning photos and graphics, copying and printing A4 B/W, audio/video editing and more. Personal approach.
Scanning photos and drawings, custom-made

Scanning photos, custom-made, further editing possible. Anything special by agreement. Personal approach. I am not a "photo-atelier", so I do it exactly as you need, each photo separately, precisely even with different scanning parameters. I can scan up to A4 format. Larger amounts only, hundreds of copies, larger amount for less money. I can also do scanning as a complete training.
Specialist English - Czech translations

Specialist, technical English - Czech translations in both directions. I am an electrical engineer. I have practice. Anything special by agreement. Personal approach. Fields: PC, computers, software, hardware, programming, operating systems, Linux, computer manuals, electrical engineering, microelectronics, power-stations, economy, finance, environment, traveling, photography, general texts, nature, and more. I can translate complete web-pages too.
Czech language teaching in English for foreigners

Czech language teaching in English for foreigners.
I am a Czech, born in Prague. I speak English fluently.
GNU/Linux installations on PCs

GNU/Linux installations and confugurations custom-tailored on your PC, consultations. direct help, training. I show and explain everything in a very detail. Anything special by agreement. Personal approach. I can give you advice on a PC or notebook for Linux purchase. Many GNU/Linux distributions, mainly Debian/Devuan, or: Ubuntu, Puppy Linux,...